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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Act Now to Stop Air Travel Cell Phone Use

I recently learned of a plan by the FCC and FAA along with the cellular phone companies and airlines to approve the passenger use of cell phones during air travel (i.e. while the plane is flying).

Apparently, the FCC is concluding review and planning to auction bandwidth to wireless providers on May 10th 2006. Cell phone use on planes during flight could be authorized by the end of the year.

In my opinion, this is dangerous and irresponsible. As a frequent traveler (both business & leisure) I am concerned for both passenger safety and sanity. Are you as concerned as I am about this proposal? Take action NOW.

Unless we act NOW to stop this, it will be instituted with or without our consent. Join me in working to stop this proposal and let’s keep the skies safe and cell phone free.

All you have to do is notify your Senators and House Representative (simple instructions & template letter below).

Email / Web Form Letter Template (for copy & paste)


I have recently learned of a plan by the FCC and FAA along with the cellular phone companies and airlines to approve the use of cell phones by passengers during air travel. I AM ADAMANTLY OPPOSED to allowing cell phone use during an airplane’s flight for both passenger sanity and safety reasons. My principal concerns include:

· Cell phones can enable terrorists to communicate for attack coordination and could potentially be used to detonate explosives
· Potential for flight instrumentation interference by cell phone transmissions causing navigation issues
· Likelihood of violent conflicts between passengers

In my opinion the passenger flight safety issues significantly outweigh the convenience aspects of this proposal.

As a voting constituent in your district, I STRONGLY URGE that you act to stop this proposal and maintain the ban on passenger in-flight use of cell phones.


>> Copy & Paste the Letter Template above into Your Senators and House of Representative members’ Email or Web Forms at:

List of Senators with email addresses and web forms

List of House Representatives with email addresses and web forms

Don’t remember your Senators and House Representative?

Go to []

In upper left column is “Find Your Representative”

Just enter your 9-Digit ZIP Code
(if you don’t know your 9-digit zip use the quick find link labeled “Don't Know Your 9-Digit ZIP?”)

Additional Actions you can Take

I sent the letter to my representatives and have also sent the letter to the FCC and the Chairman of the House Aviation Subcommittee; John Mica (R-FL). I encourage you to do the same.

Representative John L. Mica (R-FL) - House Aviation Subcommittee Chairman

Kevin J. Martin, FCC Chairman

That’s my perspective.

If you have thoughts on this issue, please add a comment to this blog and make your opinion known… after you’ve notified your legislators, of course.